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SEO 101 Check List

It is important to have a Search Engine Optimization Check List before you start the re-design or creation of a new website. Here is one of our SEO check lists.

1. Find one or two websites on the Internet that you like. Take a look at template makers like Monster Templates and see what they are selling today.

2. Is your website going to be for information only or do you need a shopping cart to sell a product or service? PayPal account required? Google Checkout?

3. What is the main idea of Home Page? This is usually going to be the focus of the website, the focus of the marketing campaign – criminal defense attorney, tile installation, T-Shirts (for sale).

4. Establish the SEO keyword phrase from the main idea.

5. How many pages and what types of pages are required for the website: Home Page, About Us, FAQ, Products, Services, Locations, Contact, California, New York…

6. Video and Pictures (JPEGS) – Flash / Java

7. Who is writing the text? 400 words per page minimum

8. How often will the information of the pages be changing?

9. What type of navigation design are we using? The visitor needs to find what they are looking for in no more than 5 seconds or they leave.

10. Meta Tags: title, description, 30 day return, publisher, copyright – each page should have different title tag and description because no two pages are the same.

11. Google, Yahoo and Bing tag or html file for tracking.

12. Community service links – weather at a minimum.

13. Create the Robots.txt file

14. Create a HTML sitemap for website

15. Header structures for H1, H2, H3

16. Alt tags on images and buttons

17. Create a custom 404 page.

18. One way Linking

19. Reciprocal Linking

20. Website submission to search engines and directories

21. Local citation placement in Yelp, local, YP and others.

22. Start a blog

23. Google account for Google Voice number and Google Maps

24. Yahoo local and Bing

25. Create XML sitemap for Google, Yahoo and Bing


Forward Opportunities Online Business Association - April 28, 2013

The hyper-link references found below on represent members of the Forward Opportunities Online Business Association 2014 that is an organization dedicated to promoting Internet information for the benefit of local communities. All of the hyper-link references below on are related in that they have all pledged to bring their information to the Internet ethically, morally and compliant with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) 2014.

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