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You Tube Video and Search Engine Optimization

Having a video as part of your website has now become essential if a business wants to reach all of its potential market. Most businesses that have been successful in the past with Internet marketing campaigns have already added a video to their site. This year we will see video grow from an extra website option for businesses marketing themselves on the Internet to an essential component conveying success and understanding to their potential clients.

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project's findings published on June 3, 2010, seven out of ten adult internet users (69%), which is roughly half (52%) the population of all the United States -- have used the internet to watch or download video. Young adult internet users between the age of 18 to 29 are the heaviest consumers of online video. They wrote in their first report that more than half of online viewers share links to video they have found with other people and three out of four (75%) say they receive links to watch video that others have sent them. The people who upload the videos today are uploading 52% to social media websites like Facebook and MySpace, while 49% are uploading to Google Video and

Once Google integrated videos into their universal search offerings in 2007, websites featuring video have gained a significant SEO advantage over their competitors. When a business integrates a relevant video with their relevant website content, the search engines are finding and indexing the video within the site’s context. This has the effect of improving website and its video search ranking as it relates to the business’ keywords. The net effect is the business website receives a higher ranking in the search engines.

68 percent of the top 50 retailers were using videos in 2009, a surge from 18 percent in 2008 according to a recent eMarketer report (May 21, 2010). Now, 39 percent of users who search using Google see video options in their results.

A business is able to increase their website traffic by uploading videos to websites such as You Tube and Facebook. There was a time when having a video on a website was a “nice touch”, but today they are an essential component for all Internet marketing.

Forward Opportunities will show you how to utilize You Tube and Facebook to reach the specific audience for your products and services. Using the latest and most advance Search Engine Optimization techniques, your Video will be immediately available for viewing and within the major search engine indexes within days.

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